MovementLab Yoga – Membership FAQ

MovementLab is a dance, yoga, and somatic education school, based in Taos County, NM.

Our main website is Here.

For $17/month, billed on a recurrent basis, you get access to 2 yoga classes a week, meditation and dance via Zoom, as well as access to the high-definition streaming recordings of the classes you take, and an ever-growing library of yoga classes and recorded meditations.

An example of the current member page (subject to ongoing changes):

Classes in the library vary in length, and rarely exceed 1.5 hours.  

The live-stream (Zoom) yoga classes are one hour long, with a short Q&A session at the end.

We currently have 2 yoga classes of varying levels on the schedule weekly, guided meditation, and MovementLab (half led half freeform dance practice) but we plan to bring workshops, CEU opportunities for yoga instructors, and eventually guest teachers into the school.


Yes!  Contact Nadine through the contact form, to schedule a private yoga lesson via Zoom, or other online means, where applicable.

Zoom is the web conferencing software that we use for the virtual yoga studio.

There's a very good explanation of how it works here.

You can download the apps for desktop and mobile here for free.

To register, click the button that says “Sign Me Up.”