Monday Meditation Series

Monday Meditation Series Oct. 5-26, 2020

4 Mondays 7p-7:45p

$10/class or $30 for whole series

Free to members of Nadine Lollino’s Online Yoga. 

Yoga Teachers can receive 3 non-contact CEU’s for this course (not a part of membership), contact me directly for more information. 


Each week we will explore some tools to prepare our body, breath and mind for seated meditation.  Each class starts with the descriptions below, followed by a 20 minute seated meditation.  A yoga mat, a few blankets and pillows will be useful for this series.  For the seated meditation you can sit on a yoga prop or in a chair.  

This series is appropriate for all levels of student in both your asana (yoga posture) and meditation practice.  

Week 1: Pranayama

Focus on the breath can reconnect us to our body after a full day of work and activities.  Practicing controlled breathing techniques first, can enhance our attention to the relaxed breath during meditation.  Pranayama is a useful way to draw inward, remove toxins, re-oxygenate the body and brain, helping us to be more alert and present during our seated meditation.

Week 2: Restorative yoga postures

Releasing the day’s posture with a few restorative yoga poses can make it easier to sit upright and alert during seated meditation.  Resting in supported poses expands our capacity for breath, helps circulate blood flow and opens tight postures from the day. For this class you need a yoga mat, some blankets and pillows.

Week 3; Gentle active yoga postures

A few gentle yoga poses before seated meditation can stretch and activate muscles that have been under strain from long hours of sitting or standing at work.  We will learn a simple routine you can do before your meditation to bring attention to the neck, shoulders, wrists, spine and hips.  You will need a yoga mat for this class.  

Week 4: Yoga Nidra

We will complete this series with a fully guided meditation.  Yoga Nidra means yogi sleep or psychic sleep.  You will need to create a cozy resting position on the floor with pillows and blankets so you can rest in Savasana, corpse pose, for the entirety of our session.  Setting an intention or sankalpa, the guided meditation takes you through a detailed body scan to relax the physical body, a countdown breathing technique, and a variety of visualizations to help relax and focus the mind. When we rest, near sleep but not sleeping, the body is in a better state for healing and we are more open to insight. 

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